"Interesting... but I'm not a PPC guy, what about other traffic sources?"

Hey - ClickerVolt is not only for PPC. The AIDA metrics that you saw in the previous case study will show you the traffic quality of all your traffic sources, broken down by traffic source placement as well as by user data (GEO, Device, ISP etc...).

You don't even need to use bot traps anymore with this, because bots won't trigger any AIDA - a placement full of bots would show as traffic with 0% Attention in ClickerVolt.

"Ok, and what about speed?"

Glad you asked!

You should care about speed. Speed matters.

Amazon, Google and others tell you that faster page loads directly correlate to increased ROI.

ClickerVolt is faster than the next best tracker because it has a click processing time of 1ms only. This is INSANELY fast. 5 times faster than Voluum and Binom. Both are processing clicks in around 5ms.

Amazon said it best: faster page loads = increased ROI. End of story.

Proof: Comparison of click processing time for ClickerVolt and Binom.

Warning: Geek data alert.

First, here is a screenshot showing Binom's results. Binom is considered by affiliates as the fastest self- hosted tracker.

Let me explain what happens here.

The highlighted line shows the average redirect processing time in ms. In this example, 20 redirect requests are processed at the same time, 5 times in a row.

In case of Binom, this takes 6ms (they claim 5ms on their site). This is extremely fast.

2 lines above the highlighted one, you can see the "Requests per second" is 166.64. This means that Binom is able to process 166 redirects per second, which is equivalent to 166*60*60*24 = about 14.3 million redirects per day.

Now here is the result for ClickerVolt, it was installed on the same server as Binom:

For ClickerVolt, the average click processing time is 0.550ms (I said 1ms a few paragraphs above), compared to 6ms for Binom.

This is more than 10x faster.

Now if you look at the "Requests per second", we're at 1818.02. So ClickerVolt can process 1818 redirects per second, or an equivalent of 1818*60*60*24 = about 157 million redirects per day.

Even if an affiliate doesn't buy so much traffic per day, it is still beneficial to have a software that needs less CPU power. This allows the tracker to be installed on a less powerful server, which saves money.

</geek data> 🙂

Cool, can you show me how ClickerVolt looks like?

Sure thing Albert!

But let me tell your first that apart from AIDA, ClickerVolt is all about saving you time.

To achieve this, all data, all settings, everything is contextually accessible on 1 single screen - no loading between pages. You can create a campaign, check your live clicks log, run some complex drilldown reports, without any load in between.

As I said earlier, the UI is not the prettiest out there - but it's fast!