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Clickbank Postback Url issue


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So i followed everything as per >>


The post back url is firing in Clickbank i can see the clickid in Liveclicks but not in reporting.

I had a live chat with clickbank team and they told me set the timezone to PST

currently my timezone is 4.30GMT and when i do a purchase a products from clickbank in my time zone it reflects on clickervolt reporting but from a different timezone it does not reflect.

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so just to rephrase,

  • when i do a  purchase in click bank in my time zone  the post back url fires.
  • IF the purchase is from other timzone the post back url doest not work.



Thanks Yavar, this is very strange. Currently I do not know why a different timezone would do this, I need to check.
Hopefully it will be just a small thing to fix.

Noted, let me know if you need more information

here is a live example >>
In the report tab it shows Action #
It does not show Action$ & Profit

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Hello Abdur Rahman, any update on this ?


Hello Yavar

Yes I have ran tests and I can see it is not working as intended.

But it looks like only way to fix is to use Clickbank IPN API instead of pixel.

I will look their documentation on this and try to implement it soon

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i hope to get the feature soon.

Instant Notification Service (INS) – ClickBank Knowledge Base

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Still eagerly waiting for the feature..

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Hi Abdual,

Any progress on the CB IPN ?