ClickerVolt is Live Again

ClickerVolt is Live Again

After my previous SOS post, I received lots of comments.

One early commenter told me about legality issues and, of course, I don’t want any problem.

I stopped accessing this blog and the mailing system, but now, the family is letting me run the operations!

Unfortunately, I do not have much time now because I have another full time job, but I will work to maintain the plugin and make sure it is compatible with new WordPress versions.

Today, I released version 1.168, fully compatible with WordPress 5.7, plus a few other pending changes.

I will probably create a forum on this blog for community support – I can support users concerning usage questions, but for marketing related questions, it will be great if some other users who are more knowledgeable than me on the topic could help as well… thank you, and I am glad the project can continue!

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  1. Gaurab Das says:

    Awesome but just wanted to know Who is behind this “I”

  2. Hey man, I am interested in just buying the project out. Could you please tell me who I should talk to about this?

  3. Graham says:


    Glad to hear Clickervolt is back up and running…

    I would have thought with the subscriptions and future potential of this software you would not need a full time job… Are all of your energies still going into this software incuding new features etc?

    • JackySan says:

      Hi Graham,

      Unfortunately I have had to take a full time job, but I do my best to take care of ClickerVolt.
      I can add new features as well, but I don’t know what, so users need to tell me what they need.

      • Graham says:


        I do understand but what you have created with Jack so far is something special and I am sure you can make this software into something even better in the long term and give up your day job. In my view…Just try and hold on to this and develop it further yourself as I am sure you will be successful and earn a great income. Probably what Jacky wanted. Don’t give it up or sell it if you can avoid!

  4. Bjorn Koopman says:

    Is there something changed since yesterday? All my links give 403 forbidden error

    • JackySan says:

      Bjorn, there was no update yesterday – I just checked and the links continue to work. Maybe you had something else updated?

  5. yavar khan says:

    Hi Abdur Rahman,
    What is the best way to contact support ? is the chat system support working or blog comments best way to contact you ?

  6. Nice Men says:

    Hi, it seems that there is an error in the new version.
    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’, expecting ‘;’ or ‘{‘ in /var/www/html/XXXXX/wp-content/plugins/clickervolt/utils/deviceDetection.php on line 215

  7. Graham says:

    Clickervolt is not working

  8. Graham says:

    It’s not working…Seems like Clickervolt is going down the pan and not being maintained…. such a shame

  9. Graham says:

    Is there a problem with Voltify??? This links don’t seem to be working

  10. Calvyn Lee says:

    Thanks for your wonderful support Jacky, I am enjoy using clickvolt; I also introduce your plugin during on my digital marketing class

  11. Graham says:

    Critical Problems:

    * The Plugin “ClickerVolt” has been removed from

    Plugin contains an unpatched security vulnerability.

    Please update

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