Author: JackySan

Here is What I’m Going to Focus on in 2020 and Maybe You Should Too?

I have been advertising physical products for a very long time now. Mainly gadgets through Native ads and PPC. Over the years, I have had excellent results with mid to high 5-figure profits monthly. I bet you have already seen one of my ads while browsing some news sites or through a native spy tool.…
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New Tutorial: Creating a Microsoft Ads Campaign

If you ever wondered how to track traffic coming from Microsoft Ads, I got you covered! Head over to our latest tutorial to see how.

New Tutorial: Tracking Affiliate Conversions from Clickbank

ClickerVolt uses the regular postback mechanism to track conversions from affiliate networks. While setting up postbacks in affiliate networks is usually an easy process, it is less straightforward with Clickbank. To make it easier for all of you Clickbank affiliates, I’ve just added a tutorial showing how to set it up in a few easy…
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First Premium Add-On Released: Voltify Takeover ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Now that’s a historical day for ClickerVolt 🙂 I have been waiting for this Voltify feature for a long time, ever since I stopped using Funnel Flux. They had this handy “Fluxify” option that allowed to remotely take over any remote page, and change its links or content without having to download/re-upload anything. It made…
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Pushground – A Short Review

Yeeha, we’ve just got a brand new blog 🙂 I should have done this earlier – way earlier! But it’s never too late right? This blog really needed some design update… Anywhoo, it’s not the topic of this post. Today I’d like to write about a small test I did on the Pushground platform. Not…
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New Tutorial: Creating and Tracking Funnels

Ever wondered how to create and track funnels with ClickerVolt? If yes, this tutorial should help you set it up in a breeze!

ClickerVolt Becomes Free!

ClickerVolt is similar to popular software like ClickMagic, Voluum, Bemob, RedTrack, ClickMeter, FunnelFlux, Kintura, Adsbridge or Binom. All these other trackers come with monthly recurring subscriptions. We initially wanted to sell ClickerVolt too (and we actually did sell it to a small base of affiliates) – but we then decided to go with another model:…
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My Lander Got Ripped – But Now it Makes Me More $$$

Three days ago, I found out that one of my landers had been ripped and was being used by someone else in a Google Ads campaign. That guy forgot to remove the ClickerVolt’s organic tracking code from my lander after he ripped it, so I was able to see all his traffic, live, in my…
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Hosting Your Landers: Cloudfront VS Cloudflare

I’ve heard about quite a lot of people interested in using Cloudfront these last few days to host their affiliate landing pages. I was wondering why one would use Amazon S3 + Cloudfront instead of S3 + Cloudflare? Cloudfront is free for the 1st year only, then depending on your traffic volume, your monthly bill…
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Getting Paid in USD When You’re NOT from the US

I think this one could be helpful to some of you. If you’re not from the US, some affiliate networks will deduct wire fees before sending your payments. To avoid that, you can easily create a Transferwise Borderless AccountThey will give you your own USD bank account number. You can actually have accounts in most major…
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