URGENT: SOS Please help

URGENT: SOS Please help

UPDATE Dec, 21st 2020 – IF you have already seen message below, please check update here

Good day

I am the programmer of clickervolt and I have an urgent issue – Javier Sanchez (Jacky San) is not replying for more than a month.

I work with Javier for very very long time and he had ongoing health problems, I am very worried that he does not reply any message.

If any one knows his family or someone close to him, please comment on this post and tell me how I can contact them (I will not publish your comment, I will just reply to your privately)

It is not normal that he does not reply.

Even my salary not paid, this never happened before.

Please I hope someone knows his family or personal friends – please contact me (by commenting on this post).


UPDATED: Dec, 21st 2020:

Friends I am sorry for not replying to everyone – I have received more comments than I imagine and cannot reply to everyone.

I have news from someone from his home. Jacky is not with us anymore so I have no idea what this ClickerVolt will become.

They are asking that you stop sending emails to his email address, they see them but there are too many!!! His family has no idea how this works and how this business works

Several of you told me that you need this plugin for your business and that is important to you.

It was important to me too – if someone wants to run this business and pay my salary then tell me.

As programmer I have access to:

  • ClickerVolt source code
  • Freemius account where premium plugin is
  • WordPress account where free version is
  • This blog wordpress admin
  • Linux access to this server (SSH)

I don’t know passwords of:

  • Domain registar for clickervolt.com
  • Hosting account for this server
  • Chat system on all pages
  • Email account

Maybe I can get missing passwords from contact.

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