New Tutorial: Creating a Microsoft Ads Campaign

New Tutorial: Creating a Microsoft Ads Campaign

If you ever wondered how to track traffic coming from Microsoft Ads, I got you covered!

Head over to our latest tutorial to see how.


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  1. Calvyn Lee says:

    Thanks for this tutorial, I am about to start my Bing Ads campaign 🙂

  2. John says:

    If there a google ads tutorials ?

  3. Paul says:

    Can clickvolt work on Commission Junction? I can’t find place to set postback url.

    • JackySan says:

      Hey Paul,

      CJ doesn’t have postback mechanism but you can still track your conversions by appending &sid=[cid] to your affiliate links.
      Just use ClickerVolt’s provided CJ affiliate network template and it will add this token automatically for you.

      Then there are 2 (and a half) ways 🙂 to report conversions back to ClickerVolt.

      1/ Log into CJ and run a transaction report, you’ll see the converted “sids” there. Then manually run ClickerVolt’s postbacks with those sids.
      2/ Create a script to use CJ’s API that does this for you automatically.
      2.5/ If you have a VA, let him/her do this regularly for you. Probably not the best use of their time though.

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