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Hosting Your Landers: Cloudfront VS Cloudflare

I’ve heard about quite a lot of people interested in using Cloudfront these last few days to host their affiliate landing pages. I was wondering why one would use Amazon S3 + Cloudfront instead of S3 + Cloudflare? Cloudfront is free for the 1st year only, then depending on your traffic volume, your monthly bill…
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Getting Paid in USD When You’re NOT from the US

I think this one could be helpful to some of you. If you’re not from the US, some affiliate networks will deduct wire fees before sending your payments. To avoid that, you can easily create a Transferwise Borderless AccountThey will give you your own USD bank account number. You can actually have accounts in most major…
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Pay Per Click: The Best Keyword to Target (when you are allowed to…)

A few years back, in my SEO days, I was following a blueprint from a “guru” showing how to rank for product names to make affiliate commissions from review blogs. It was super effective but I hated how much link building and maintenance it required. One day, I tried to use Google Adwords instead… I…
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Ever Heard about AIDA?

Have you already heard about AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action? That’s an advertising model I discovered a few years back (in 2010) when I purchased a tracking software called “Conversion Prophet”. That software was really amazing, it’s not working anymore and not being sold anymore, but you can still check its sales page on the way…
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