ClickerVolt Becomes Free!

ClickerVolt is similar to popular software like ClickMagic, Voluum, Bemob, RedTrack, ClickMeter, FunnelFlux, Kintura, Adsbridge or Binom.

All these other trackers come with monthly recurring subscriptions. We initially wanted to sell ClickerVolt too (and we actually did sell it to a small base of affiliates) – but we then decided to go with another model:

Make the product 100% free, with all the features one would expect from a premium paid tracking solution, and sell platinum addons for advanced use cases.

At this time, only the support addon is available. Support is given by experienced and successful affiliates, who speak the language and understand the needs of performance marketers.

Example of addons we plan to release:

  • Traffic source integrations – allowing you to create paid traffic campaigns from your ClickerVolt dashboard, pause placements or change bids automatically based on your own optimization rules.
  • Super advanced page cloaking (taking control of remote pages, adding popups, toolbars, optin forms over pages you do not own)

My Lander Got Ripped – But Now it Makes Me More $$$

So 3 days ago, I found one of my landers had been ripped and was being used by someone else in a Google Ads campaign.

That guy forgot to remove the organic tracking code from my lander, so I was able to see all his traffic, live, in my ClickerVolt stats.

I was pissed off at first...

But then, I had an idea... 💪

I asked one of my devs to add a new feature to ClickerVolt to make my idea become reality.
I asked him to give me a way to execute any custom javascript on a page that has the organic tracking code...

And he did!

So now, I'm able to re-write all the links from that ripped lander to use MY affiliate link... and the links are only re-written if the traffic comes from Google Ads traffic - so that poor affiliate (who stole my lander!!!) cannot even see that the traffic he is paying for is clicking on my affiliate link haha!

He made several sales already... and *I* got the commissions instead of him!
He'll probably stop his Google Ads campaign soon, as it's not profitable for him to keep it running, but that was fun...

And thanks to that, we have a really powerful new feature added to ClickerVolt!

Hosting Your Landers: Cloudfront VS Cloudflare


I've heard about quite a lot of people interested in using Cloudfront these last few days to host their affiliate landing pages.

I was wondering why one would use Amazon S3 + Cloudfront instead of S3 + Cloudflare?

Cloudfront is free for the 1st year only, then depending on your traffic volume, your monthly bill may become pretty high. Especially with POP/Push traffic, your traffic volume gets high very quickly, you can end up paying $500+ per month (I've seen it)

Cloudflare on the other hand is ALWAYS free - 100% free unless you want some of their premium features like phone support. It comes with free SSL as well.

Not only that, but Cloudflare also has more edge points around the world than Amazon's Cloudfront, so your visitors will likely get your data from a server closer to them when using Cloudflare:

Setting it up with S3 buckets is super easy - I just made a quick test and it worked immediately.

Here's how to do it (I'm only giving you a general overview here, if you're not familiar with Cloudflare, Google each step for more details):

1/ Purchase a domain name and set the DNS records to use Cloudflare's DNS (if you use namecheap, they have a tutorial)

2/ In your S3 account, create a bucket (replace

3/ In S3, enable the public READ permissions for that bucket

4/ In Cloudflare, go to the DNS tab, and add a CNAME record like this (click to zoom):

Then click "Add Record"

That's ALL!

From now, when you will access it will access your S3 bucket at!

And will access

I told you it was easy 🙂

Getting Paid in USD When You’re NOT from the US

I think this one could be helpful to some of you.

If you're not from the US, some networks will deduct some wire fees before sending your payments.

To avoid that, you can easily create a Transferwise Borderless Account
They will give you your own USD bank account number. You can actually have account numbers in most major currencies, like EUR etc...

Plus the transfer fees to your local bank account are way cheaper than from bank to bank and also faster most of the time.


  • You eliminate wire fees as you can select direct deposit instead
  • You get a better currency conversion rate
  • You get your money faster

Which Paid Traffic Source Should I Use as a Newbie?

There's so many different kind of traffic source types: Push, Pop, Native, Social, In-App, Banners, Solo Ads etc...

IMHO, the best traffic source for newbies would be PPC because you're dealing with high intent traffic, and you can target very precisely who will see your ads.


  • It doesn't require any initial deposit - you only pay per click.
  • Traffic is very targeted and hence slower, so you don't burn your budget in an hour
  • Affiliate networks will love the traffic quality you're sending them
  • Once you get a campaign profitable, it usually lasts way longer

I would recommend starting with Bing Ads over Google Ads. Much more traffic on Google, but Bing is still sending quality and good amount of traffic in many verticals, and they're way less strict than Google.

Ever Heard about AIDA?

Have you already heard about AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action)?

That's an advertising model I discovered a few years back (in 2010) when I purchased a tracking software called "Conversion Prophet". That software was really amazing, it's not working anymore and not being sold anymore, but you can still check its sales page on the way back machine here.

Basically AIDA allows to predict the traffic quality on a placement (keyword) basis extremely quickly, so fast that you don't have to spend too much money on any given placement before deciding what to cut and what to keep.

It does that by assigning time duration for the first 3 letters of the AIDA acronym:

For example, if a visitor spends 20 seconds on your page, the A(ttention) is triggered.
If he spends 2 minutes on your page, the I(nterest) is triggered.
If he spends 5 minutes on your page, the D(esire) is triggered.
And if he converts, the A(ction) is triggered.

When those durations above fit the content length of your lander or offer's sales page, you end up with a striking correlation between the number of recorded Desires and the number of Actions (conversions).

I'm using that model for my campaigns, and it helps to cut bad placements without paying an arm or a leg during the optimization phase.

If you'd like to learn more about AIDA, here's a case study showing how to use it in your affiliate marketing campaigns.