Redirect Benchmarks

You should care about speed. Speed matters.

Amazon, Google and others tell you that faster page loads directly correlate to increased ROI.

ClickerVolt is faster than the next best tracker, and we have benchmarks to prove it.

Amazon said it best: faster page loads = increased ROI. End of story.

Proof 1: Comparison of redirect time for distant traffic

ClickerVolt is self-hosted. Voluum is cloud-hosted.

In theory, Voluum should be faster than a self-hosted tracker in all cases, and this should be even more apparent if your traffic is coming from countries far, far away from your tracking server.

So for this first test, we installed ClickerVolt on a 2 CPU VPS server in New Jersey, USA. This server costs $20 / month at Vultr. We didn’t make any special optimizations to this server. In fact, we used the 1-click WordPress install provided by Vultr.

We then used Pingdom tools to measure the redirect time from Franfkurt, Germany.

Here is how ClickerVolt performed:

And here is how Voluum performed:

As you can see, ClickerVolt’s redirect was almost 2x faster than Voluum, even though it was hosted far away from the originating click, and was installed on a very modest server.

Voluum has data centers in Germany, so it was very close to where the click came from. But still, ClickerVolt won!

Now let’s see how another tracker, Binom, performed with the same test.

We installed Binom on the same 2 CPU server as above, in New Jersey.

Here is how it performed:

We forgot to use an https link for this test, this is why the SSL time is 0ms. If we had used an https link, the total duration would have been even worse.

As you can see, Binom was 3 times slower than ClickerVolt.

Proof 2: Comparison of raw click processing time for high traffic volume.

Warning: Geek data alert.

First, here is a screenshot showing Binom’s results. Binom is considered by affiliates as the fastest self- hosted tracker.

Let me explain what happens here.

The highlighted line shows the average redirect processing time in ms. In this example, 20 redirect requests are processed at the same time, 5 times in a row.

In case of Binom, this takes 6ms (they claim 5ms on their site). Still, this is extremely fast.

Two lines above the highlighted one, you can see the “Requests per second” is 166.64. This means that Binom is able to process 166 redirects per second, which is equivalent to 166*60*60*24 = about 14.3 million redirects per day.

Now here is the result for ClickerVolt, it was installed on the same server as Binom:

For ClickerVolt, the average click processing time is 0.55ms, compared to 6ms for Binom.

This is more than 10x faster.

Now if you look at the “Requests per second”, we’re at 1818.02. So ClickerVolt can process 1818 redirects per second, or an equivalent of 1818*60*60*24 = about 157 million redirects per day.

In case you are wondering how Voluum performed at this test, we got you covered!

As you can see, Voluum is very fast too and can handle 1224 requests per second. But still, ClickerVolt was faster here again.

</geek data> 🙂

Give ClickerVolt a try, you’re losing precious time and money every time you launch a new campaign without it!