So 3 days ago, I found one of my landers had been ripped and was being used by someone else in a Google Ads campaign.

That guy forgot to remove the organic tracking code from my lander, so I was able to see all his traffic, live, in my ClickerVolt stats.

I was pissed off at first...

But then, I had an idea... 💪

I asked one of my devs to add a new feature to ClickerVolt to make my idea become reality.
I asked him to give me a way to execute any custom javascript on a page that has the organic tracking code...

And he did!

So now, I'm able to re-write all the links from that ripped lander to use MY affiliate link... and the links are only re-written if the traffic comes from Google Ads traffic - so that poor affiliate (who stole my lander!!!) cannot even see that the traffic he is paying for is clicking on my affiliate link haha!

He made several sales already... and *I* got the commissions instead of him!
He'll probably stop his Google Ads campaign soon, as it's not profitable for him to keep it running, but that was fun...

And thanks to that, we have a really powerful new feature added to ClickerVolt!